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About Me

Good hello! My name is Ville Säävuori aka @Uninen. I'm a 40-something nerd from Turku, Finland. I built this page for myself for an inspiration to be more active. My two main activities are running and CrossFit. I'm training for running my first 10k  half marathon  marathon in 2021.

Uninen aka Ville Säävuori


This site is a hobby project intended as a learning tool and a honing stone to keep my skills sharp. It's a handcrafted Vue 3 application written in TypeScript.

The exercise data is recorded with a Garmin Fenix 5 watch, and then pulled from Garmin Connect by a scheduled Gitlab CI script using garmin-connect-to-json (that I also wrote and maintain). The notes are stored in a MongoDB database running on MongoDB Atlas.

The CSS is produced by TailwindCSS JIT compiler. Local application data is handled by Vuex, and vue-router handles the routing. Development server and bundling is powered by Vite. The production build is rendered as a static output with zero JavaScript dependencies by a bespoke Playwright script. The site is hosted and deployed by Vercel.

All the images and other content on this site is created by me if not stated otherwise.